Best 11 Dog Crying Over Toys Reviews 2023

If you’ve ever heard a dog crying over toys, you know it can be a heart-wrenching sound. But why do they do it? And how can you help them? In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why dogs cry over toys and offer some tips on how to help them cope.

Best 10 Dog Crying Over Toys

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ZooPurrPets Premium Flip Over Puppy Battery Powered Plush Dog That Somersault Walk Sit and Bark Toy Puppy for Animal and Pet Loving Toddlers & Kids - Dark Brown
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Liberty Imports Flip Over Puppy - Battery Operated Mechanical Jumping Little Pet Dog - Flipping Toy That Somersaults, Walks, Sits, Barks for Toddlers & Kids
  • JUMPING DOG TOY: This flipping puppy performs 360-degree somersaults and tricks, offering interactive and engaging playtime for children of all ages.
  • FLIPPING PUPPY: A battery-operated electronic pet that walks, barks, sits, and flips, this flipping dog simulates a joyful and realistic pet experience.
  • ALLERGY-FRIENDLY TOY: Powered by 2 "AA" batteries (not included), this robot dog is the perfect hypoallergenic pet option for those with allergies to real animals.
  • INTERACTIVE FUN: Flip Over Puppy not only walks on carpets and hard wood but also performs flips, making it a versatile and exciting walking toy for kids.
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Bestseller No. 3
PowerTRC Cute Somersault Little Puppy | Barks, Sits, Walk, and Flips | Pet Toy Dog
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The Screaming Goat (Book & Figure)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 04/05/2016 (Publication Date) - RP Minis (Publisher)
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iHeartDogs Chirping Chattering Hedge Hog Dog Toy with Sound
  • Materials: 100% Polyester Dimensions: 4" H x 4" W
  • Squeeze me, and I start chattering! And when the chattering begins, so does the fun!
  • Toss this sneaky lil’ ’hog to your pup and watch them go nuts chasing it.
  • You’ll be in stitches watching your furry one’s glee when they get ahold of this squeaky varmint and give it a shake of triumph. This silly hedgehog is about more than fun, though. This soft hedgehog toy is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs but isn’t recommended for power chewers.
  • And it’s made from all pet-safe materials. Always be sure to supervise your dog while playing with this toy.
Bestseller No. 6
Puppy Zen: Eight Weeks To Train Your Pup and Create a Lifelong Bond
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The Notebook
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World of Peppa Pig
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Bestseller No. 9
IOEN Interactive Floppy Fish Dog Toys for Large/Medium/Small Dogs,Squeaky Plush Tough Puppy Toys,Motion Activated (Floppy Shark)
  • 【Interactive Fun for Dogs and Puppy】The tail moving shark toy looks like real. Every time your dog touches the toy, the automatic motion sensor would start to work and the plush shark toy moves in a wiggling way, intriguing your dog to chew and play. This toy is designed for large/medium/small dogs,reducing their boredom and loneliness when you are busy or out of home( but not recommended for extreme strong bite dogs)
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WEofferwhatYOUwant Plush Toy Dog That Obeys Your Voice Commands. 12 Tricks Walks Barks Sings and Dances. Teddy The Labradoodle for Ages 4 to 8 Years Old and Above
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How to Help a Dog Who Cries Over Toys

Dog Crying Over Toys
If your dog cries over toys, it could be caused to do with anxiety.
An older dog could be anxious about losing their eyesight and hearing, or dogs of the other senses, and be crying over toys that If you’ve got a puppy, crying over toys could be because of separation anxiety.

If your dog is anxious, crying over toys is just one symptom that could indicate this. Other symptoms can be a loss of appetite, aggression, or a change in their toilet habits. If you see these signs with crying over toys, it could be a sign of a loss of hearing, vision, or smell which is can affect a dog’s mental well being.

A younger dog crying also be crying over toys, but could be a sign of separation anxiety. If your dog cries over toys when you leave the house, when you put him in the crate, or when he’s in his room without you.

Why Dogs Cry Over Toys

Dogs cry over toys when they’re under stress or feeling threatened. Most dogs cry when playing with toys because they become excited and want to keep it. Other reasons your dog could be crying over toys would be possessiveness or jealousy.

When a dog cries because they want to keep their toy, it shows that your dog sees the toy as valuable and is suffering. If you want trying to train your dog not you should ignore this behavior and the like the toy isn’t there. When your dog stops crying, then them. their behavior and give them back the toy. Once keep it in mind that when your dog cries, it doesn’t mean they’re hurt or anything to fight, they just want to keep their toy.

Your dog could be crying over toys due to jealousy. If you’re using toys to train your dog, and there another dog comes into the room, your dog may see the other dog as a threat to their treat. In this case, you would need to train your dog to understand their toys.

If you’re dealing with a dog who’s crying over toys, you can try to train them with treats. Training your dog to drop the toy after a few seconds can make them realize they don’t have to be possessive of their toys. If there your dog tends’t been socialized, they may think that other people are a threat to their toys.

How to Teach Your Dog to Stop Crying Over Toys

Teach your dog to it gets attention when it’s quiet. If every time your dog cries your come running, you’re reinforcing the behavior. So practice ignoring the crying by walking away and turning your back. The second your pet stops crying, mark that behavior with a “Yes,” or click click, and toss them a treat. After doing few times of practicing this, try to remove the treat. your pet will still do it.

6. Teach Them to “drop” their toy.
To teach them to release their toy by themselves you very. Toss a toy on your lap or put it nearby. When your dog drops their toy, click and treat. Toss the toy again. If your dog picks up the toy, put it behind your back for until they drop it. When they drop it, click and reward.
this several times until they start to pick up the toy and drop it on their own. Make to leng the treat less often after each repetition, so your dog learns that they only get treats after dropping their toys.

7. Teach your dog to play fetch while when you want to.
If your dog loves to play fetch, practice fetch when you want and not when your dog wants. Toss a toy away from you so that your dog must go get to get it. When your dog brings the toy back start you to throw, don’t throw it. Instead, go up to your dog and trade the toy for a treat. Repeat this process. Eventually your dog will only bring the toy to you when you ask for it. Now your dog will fetch only when you want them to.

8. Teach your dog to bring you their toys when you ask for them.
Train your dog to bring you their toys when you ask for them. This can be done by getting several treats ready. Toss a toy for your dog to fetch. Say your dog returns, hold the toy and reward them with a treat. Repeat this until your dog will bring you their toys when you ask.

9. Teach your dog to put their toys away.
Train your dog to put their toys away. Start by getting a box and placing some favorite toys in it. Move the box higher so that your dog can’t get it. When your dog brings you one toys, click and treat. As soon as they drop them in the box, reward them. Over time, your dog will learn to put their toys away.

How to Help a Dog Who Cries Over Toys When You Aren’t Home

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How to Help Your Dog Stop Crying Over Toys During Playtime

The issue most hand is when your dog starts barking and crying excessively during play time because can. So start let do you help your dog stop crying over toys during playtime? It is a simple solution,
need to stop giving your dog toys. Dogs are descended from wolves, which are hunters. Their main motivation is food and scent. During the work week these dogs get not scrounging for food all day long. We was no play time on only food for eating and sleeping. And the dogs did this for many years. So lived to this lifestyle.

Now we know our dogs, precise times and then we play with them. We are giving them something that resembles play job. So the way to calm your down is to give them treats and not with them like they were on own toy hunters and food make it away from them when they want it. I am talking not saying that you should take away all of your dogs toys, but to take away the toys that they cry over during playtime.

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